Rios Garza Studio
All the works in this section reside in private collections. These are some of the pieces created over the last few years -- a representative sampling of my work. The majority of pieces shown are done in acrylics on wood, Plexiglas and paper. Selected earlier work are done in water colors and ink on paper. Some are available in the Available Prints section, along with information on how to purchase the prints.

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Therapeutic Health Services - Seattle Offices. This commission project consists of three panels in a shadow box wall display with glass over the prints. Installation was in collaboration with Marlin Greene and Steve Caldwall. (85"x45")

Autumn In Garana Mountain (Collaboration with Kathleen Toguchi) (20"x53")

Murder Scene (36"x22")

Crow Sun (33"x24")

Crow Moon (48"x24")

Windswept (48"x20")

Truth Lies Somewhere Between Black and White (72"x48")

Kyoto Woods (60"x80")

Misty Morning Memories (36"x47")

Mystic Night-- 36" x 48"

Asian Influence (36"x48")

Mystic Woods (36"x60")

Dreamscape Tree III (27"x18")

Roberto's Tres Mujeres y Una NiƱa (15"x35")